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DGR at mic

The fresh voice you've been looking for, for your animation, video game, documentary audio book and everything in between! From a sinister witch to a sweet, eight year-old to an android with a dark sense of humor, Dahira can create just the voice you need. 

Based in Tampa, FL, Dahira can produce professional quality recordings from her home-studio or travel to you, to breathe life into your script! 

Check out the Demos page to hear samples of her versatility!

About Dahira 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Dahira has been exposed to quite a few characters!

Dahira attributes her talent and style to her Latino heritage and the influence of the culturally-diverse melting-pot that is New York City.

Her prior corporate experience in the legal and insurance fields helped cultivate her sense of ethics and professionalism, both of which she carries over into her voice acting.

Dahira's interest in voice acting began at a young age when she would imitate cartoon voices and accents. She has always been fascinated with languages and culture and is currently pursuing a degree in Anthropology. 

Her ultimate goal is to collaborate with her clients and bring their projects to life!


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